The Desert Hum in the Rocky Mountains

On an old dusty road near a dried up river in the middle of the desert a burst of lightening struck the ground and made thunder so loud that it shook the earth at its core. This sonic transformation killed everything in its path. Palm trees stood strong but lifeless. Dead Palms sway in the wind creating the music that the birds sing along to as the sun brings in the hot day and the moon chills the night.

The two piece began playing in May 2015. Dead Palms can be described as possessing elements of surf, psych, garage and fuzz rock and roll. Their high-spirited live performances leave a lasting impression on the audience. The duos simple yet striking songs will have you singing “Dead-de-de-duh-de-dead-de-dead-duh Dead Palms” for days to come.  Dead Palms is Broox Pulford (Taverns, Thee Dang Dangs, Wombmates) on bass and vocals, and Trevor Liebler on the drums.

They recorded their debut album “No Coast, No Cares” at Colorado Sound Shed with Alex Anderson in November 2015. The album will be released in early 2016.